Are you ready for Consistency

RGK Dental Lab Inc

I got my start in the world of dental technology early in life, but when the opportunity presented itself to study with the world's best ceramists, I went for it . I have studied under masters in my field such as Dr Robert  Winter, Don Cornell, Russell DeVreugd to mention a few. I also attended lectures on occlusion by Dr Frank Spears and Dr Peter Dawson. 


My philosophy is simple, quality work with a consistent outcome every time for the client. 


 In all my years and thousands of cases, the biggest thrill I receive is hearing or seeing a case in a patient  and how happy they were with it. This has been the drive of my work in either a simple case or something complex. The artistic side of me is constantly striving to make things better and  as natural as possible and keeping the dentist adjustments to a minimum.  When you see my work, I think you'll agree.