MATISSE Software: One bake plus layer system

The Matisse Software- one bake plus layer system, designed by Marat Awdaljan,  involves mixing ceramics based on information taken from photographs I receive and developed in Adobe Software.

The collaboration between the dental office and the lab doing these kind of cases allows for a much closer match based on the same camera settings, using polar eyes filter and a white balance card (

From the dentists pictures in Camera RAW, we get the LAB numbers, L-luminosity, A-red, and B-yellow. We enter these numbers into the Matisse software and this give us specific ceramic mixtures for the area we have chosen.

At each step of the process is photo documented to carefully control the Luminosity and chroma and do a virtual try in for a visual inspection as seen above. 

We highly recommend going this new way of custom shading but we also still do the old fashion way with using shade tabs.  

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